March 10, 2009

Children of Older Fathers Have Lower I.Q. Scores

Children of older aged dads generally scored lower on I.Q. tests & various other cognitive measures at 8 months old, 4 years old & 7 years old.

Advanced paternal age (APA) may therefore be associated with poor performance on neurocognitive measures, based upon testing at regular intervals in a variety of cognitive skills, including thinking and reasoning, concentration, memory, understanding, speaking and reading, as well as motor skills


March 9, 2009

Basketball fans wonder “What is the RPI?”  Well…

A Rating Percentage Index (RPI) is calculated using:

-25% from a team’s Div I winning percentage, & home victories are weighted 0.6, neutral wins 1.0, & away victories count 1.4
-50% from opponents’ Div I winning percentage
-25% from the team’s opponents’ opponents’ Div I winning percentage

Now you know!

Apple says Safari 4 public beta is out!

February 25, 2009

Apple announces Safari 4 public beta

Remember that anger can kill you.. literally!

February 24, 2009

Like other strong emotions that can take years off your life, anger can literally kill you.   Sudden cardiac arrest, when the heart stops circulating blood, may be caused in susceptible individuals by being stressed and engaging in an angry outburst.  See the details in the current Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Anger management classes anyone?

I’m just going to try to learn to relax myself!

Is Microsoft actually offering free technical training for millions?

February 23, 2009

Well, kind of..yes.

They have unveiled a new ‘Microsoft Elevate America’ website that promises some completely free, as well a low cost resources to obtain skills, training and certification. Naturally, it starts in Washington!

You can find the site currently available by clicking here.

I don’t know how useful it will prove to be, but it certainly can’t hurt. And in the current economy, it’s great PR for sure.

Is Windows Mobile 6.5 too little, too late?

February 23, 2009

Honestly, I don’t know, but it may well be.  I’m a 6.1 user so I was glad to hear that, as expected,  Steve Ballmer unveiled Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2009 in Barcelona,  Spain.

A new revamped UI reveals 2 major components.  There is the supposedly more finger friendly ‘Today’ screen.  Also there’s a unique honeycomb ‘Start’ screen. Both of these can already be seen in leaked screenshots and builds.

This should be out later this year, but will anyone really care all that much? Who knows? The full Flash support with IE should help.

Unlike most folks, I’m not a big touch screen person, and I kind of like it but.. am I perhaps the only one?

I found myself wondering when the next really and truly major new release of  operating system, Windows Mobile 7.0 , will come at last.

Windows 7 is coming.. and VERY soon

February 23, 2009

Yes,  the rumors persist, and I’m now convinced that Microsoft will actually, barring a series setback of some kind, release its new Windows 7 operating system by the time we are all celebrating our Independence Day here in the US!  Remember… you heard it here!

Among the more delightful features of Windows 7  is the most notable performance improvement with Outlook. It’s so much faster!

Great news for the all those, and there are many, who are either fearful or frustrated by Vista.