Children of Older Fathers Have Lower I.Q. Scores

Children of older aged dads generally scored lower on I.Q. tests & various other cognitive measures at 8 months old, 4 years old & 7 years old.

Advanced paternal age (APA) may therefore be associated with poor performance on neurocognitive measures, based upon testing at regular intervals in a variety of cognitive skills, including thinking and reasoning, concentration, memory, understanding, speaking and reading, as well as motor skills


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  1. globalvibe Says:

    I happen to think that is alot of hogwash as I know of some older parents where their kids are actually ahead of the children whose parents are younger. Reasoning I think is because older parents will share information of both the latest info and older wisdom as well. The drawback of a child having an older parent is they may not be as physically able to do the things younger parents and thats it.

  2. hullmanning10000 Says:

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